INI Hydraulic’s 2021 Communication & Cohesion Training Program

On March 27 and 28, our INI Hydraulic management team were having a successful Communication & Cohesion training.  We understand that the qualities -  result-orientation, trust, responsibility, cohesion, gratitude, and openness - which our continuing success depends on should never be neglected.  As a consequence, we adopt this yearly consistent training program as one of effective methods to promote our team communication quality and cohesion.

In the opening, Ms. Qin Chen, general manager of INI Hydraulic, says” Although it’s not easy to organize such an outward-bound when you all are immersing into your busy work, I still hope you can participate and enjoy with whole heart in this program and gain enlightenment for your personal life.”

INI Hydraulic cohesion1

Program Participants: total fifty-nine people grouped separately as six sub-branches, including Wolf Warriors Team, Super Team, Dream Team, Lucky Team, Wolf Team and INI Warriors Team.

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 Activity 1: Self Exhibition
     Result: Eliminate interpersonal distance & Exhibit and learn to know each other’s good qualities

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  Activity 2: Seeking Commons
     Result: We get to know so many commons we share: kindness, gratitude, responsibility, enterprise…

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 Activity 3:  2050 Blueprint for INI Hydraulic 

   Result: Our staff have various imaginations for future INI Hydraulic, such as opening company in the South Pole, selling products on Mars, and building a INI Hydraulic industrial zone.

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Activity 4: Mutual Giving
    Result: We write down what we want the best in a little card and give out to others; as a return, we have what other people cherish the most.  We understand and cherish the golden rule that treat others the way you would like to be treated.

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Activity 5: Mute Guiding Blindness
    Result: We understand that we need to build mutual trust to work better, because no individual is perfect.

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Activity 6: Perching Selection
    Result: Within the game, each individual’s role has been changing unexpectedly, from tree to bird.  We are enlightened that each individual is the origin of all, and everything changes starting from ourselves.

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Activities 7: Life Attitude 

   Result: We are grateful of all the encounters in life, and embrace people and things with openness.  We learned to cherish what we have, appreciate others, and change ourselves to be better.

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Conclusion: Even though the Lucky Team won the first-trophy within tight competitions, we all have gained strength, enlightenment and morale during the program.

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Post time: Apr-03-2021