Congrats on the localization of constant tension cable laying truck of contact network of electrified railways in China

On July 10, 2020, we were informed the successful testing of electrified railway contact network constant tension wire-line operating truck of our client, Shijiazhuang machinery equipment branch company of China Railway Electrification Bureau Group.  The truck successfully set up its first conducting cable of contact network on Jun 10, 2020.  The operation of wire laying was smooth, accurate and flexible.  More than that, the success of this truck symbolizes the localization of constant tension wire-line car of contact network module in China with a completely independent intellectual property right.  We feel so proud of our client.  We also feel proud that we were involved with their challenging task to achieve such a huge significance. 


February 8, 2020 is a memorable day for all staffs of INI Hydraulic.  By then COVID-19 spreading around the whole country, seeming no hope of getting back to work soon, we were like other companies working at home.  It was the day that we received a design work from Shijiazhuang machinery equipment branch company of China Railway Electrification Bureau Group, and didn’t know that we were assisting to make a meaningful breakthrough of nationalization of China’s electrified railway equipments.  

constant tension wire-line truck 3

We were entrusted to design and manufacture the key components of hydraulic driver, constant tension towing winch and hydraulic supporting system.  Since the novelty and challenging of this project, Mr. Hu Shixuan, our company founder, was in charge of the whole designing process of the project.  Within 20 days, our R&D team were communicating with client unremittingly and coming out of untold solutions, finally confirming a holistic solution which fits all the requirements in practice, on February 29.  And we successfully delivered finished products in advance, on April 2.  We all were encouraged by the outcome, especially because of the whole event happening during such a tough period.  That being said, our delivering products was just a beginning of the work for our client.  When testing hydraulic system in field, our client encountered various knotty problems they had never met.  In order to solve those problems, we had to help them modify hydraulic motor in filed, but then situation of COVID-19 did not allow our engineers to travel to do so.  However, solutions are always more than problems.  We produced modified parts in the factory, and our engineers remotely instructed our client engineers of exchanging the parts.  Even though it took way more efforts than usual, we still made it together.  


The significant success belongs to our client.  Despite the limitations and threats by COVID-19, our client were brave and meticulous enough to overcome all the technical problems.  We feel honorable to co-work with them, and are proud that we made some contributions to their success.  

constant tension wire-line truck2

Post time: Jul-11-2020