Planetary Gearbox- IGT220T3

Product Description:

Planetary Gearbox- IGT220T3 features high total efficiency, compact and module design, great reliability and durability.  Advanced design experience and modern fabrication processes warrant outstanding load carrying capacity and operational safety.  The gearbox conforms with Rexroth standard type too.  We have compiled selections of various gearboxes which we have produced for diverse applications.  You are welcome to save the data sheets for your reference.

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    Planetary Gearbox- IGT220T3 Hydrostatic Drive Series are widely applied in crawler rotary drill rigswheel and crawler cranestrack and cutter head drives of milling machineroad headersroad rollerstrack vehiclesaerial platformsself-propel drill rigs and marine cranes.  The drives not only widely have been used by domestic Chinese customers such as SANYXCMGZOOMLION, but also have been exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, India, South Korea, the Netherlands, Germany and Russia and so on. 

    Mechanical Configuration:

    Planetary Gearbox- IGT220T3 consists of planetary gearbox and wet type multi-disc brake. Customized modifications for your devises are available at any moment.

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