Marine Hydraulic Winches VS Electric Marine Winches

Comparison of electric marine winches and marine hydraulic winches:

Generally speaking, electric marine winches are popular choice for marine applications.  In fact, however, marine hydraulic winches have more advantages than electric ones.  Here we are illustrating the point by giving solid technical evidence. 

First, substituting hydraulic power for electric power source can reduce the risk brought by electrical equipment.

Second, the nature of winch speed control by hydraulic motor is extraordinary.  A switch between high speed and low speed can be achieved by hydraulic motor per se.  When driving load, hydraulic motor is at low speed; however, when load reduces to nil, hydraulic motor is at high speed.  Such mechanism can improve the use ratio of steel cable. 

Third, the massive adoption of advanced quick-change connector in pipe system of marine hydraulic winch brings huge benefits to improve mechanical property of the winches.  Through connections of high-pressure rubber tubing, emulsion hydraulic pump stations can be well supported by hydraulic power.  By doing so, we improve the maneuverability of winches.  Moreover, according to the fast development of hydraulic technology, hydraulic transmission has been widely applied to various machineries, thus replacing many non-hydraulic mechanical structures. 

More advantages of marine hydraulic winches:

【1】Cost-efficiency.  Easy to gain large power and torque, therefore hydraulic transmission is the most effortless and the most cost-effective method. 

【2】Simplified system.  The operation of step-less speed regulation and low speed stability is achievable.  Due to the large speed regulation ratio and the ease of achieving low operating speed, the whole system got simplified. 

【3】Large capacity.  Even light-weight and small size of hydraulic components can convey relatively large power, thus compacting mechanical structure and reducing the size of the whole winch.  Because of the restriction of underground space, mining light-weight anti-explosion hydraulic winches are very desired. 

【4】Small inertia. Marine hydraulic winch has small systematic inertia, so it operates fast and stably.  It’s easy to accomplish quick and nonimpact speed shifting and rotation reversing.

【5】The availability of complex mechanical movement enables direct motive to drive working unit.  Convenient electric power conveying.

【6】Superior safeguard.  As long as preventing overloaded, the winch can satisfy the requirement of safe working. 

【7】Low maintenance work.  As long as lubricating hydraulic components regularly, which can be done easily by endusers, the lifespan of the winch can be prolonged. 

【8】Hydraulic components can easily be standardized, serialized and generalized. 

Post time: Jul-06-2020