Hydrostatic Travel Drives – IGY7000T2 Series

Product Description:

IGY-T Series Hydrostatic Travel Drives are ideal driving units for crawler excavators, crawler cranes, road milling machines, road headers, road rollers, track vehicles, aerial platforms and self-propel drill rigs. They are well built based on our patented technologies and precise manufacturing operation.  The travel gears not only have been used by our domestic Chinese customers such as SANY, XCMG, ZOOMLION, but also have been exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, India, South Korean, the Netherlands, Germany and Russia and so on. 

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    Hydrostatic Travel Drives IGY7000T2 feature high working efficiency, durability, great reliability, compact design, high working pressure and Hi-low speed switch control.  The case-rotation type travel drives not only can be directly installed inside the crawler or wheel, but also can be used in road header or milling machine for power turning drives. In addition, the dimensions and technical performance of our drives conform to NebtescoKYBNachi, and TONGMYUNG.  Therefore, our drives can be a good replacement for those brands’ products.

    Mechanical Configuration:

    This travel gear consists of built-in variable displacement piston motor, multi-disc brake, planetary gearbox and functional valve block. Customized modifications for your devises are available at any moment.

    travel gear IGY7000T2 configuration

    Main Parameters of IGY7000T2 Hydrostatic Travel Drives



    Max. Total Displacement(ml/r)

    Motor Displacement(ml/r)

    Gear Ratio

    Max. Speed(rpm)

    Max. Flow (L/min)

    Max. Pressure(MPa)

    Weight (Kg)

    Application Vehicle Mass(Ton)



    34.9/22.7 29.5/15

    34.9/17.5 22.1/11.0








    More IGY-T Series travel gears are available in our catalog, feel free to visit our download page.





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