INI Succeeded in the Acceptance Inspection of DWP(Digitized Workshop Project)

Through almost two years proceeding the province-level digitized workshop project, INI Hydraulic recently has been facing the field acceptance test by information technology specialists, who were organized by Ningbo City Economics and Information Bureau.

Based on self-controlled internet platform, the project has established Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) platform, digitized product design platform, digitized Manufacturing Execution System(MES), Product Life Management(PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, smart Warehouse Management System(WMS), industrial big data centralized control system, and has constructed intelligent and digitized workshops in hydraulic manufacturing field at internationally advanced level.

Our digitized workshop is equipped with 17 digitized production lines.  Via MES, the company achieves process management, production arrangement management, quality management, logistic warehouse management, fixture management, production equipment management, and tool management, accomplishing a systematic management of manufacturing execution concerning all aspects in the workshop.  Since information flows smoothly thorough the whole production process, our production transparency, product quality and manufacturing efficiency are tremendously improved.

In the acceptance inspection site, the expert team evaluated the project establishment comprehensively, through the reports of project operation, the assessment of application software technology, and the fact checking of filed equipment investment. They spoke highly of the development of the digitized workshop. 

The process of our workshop digitization project had been very challenging, because of the characteristics of our products, including high degree of customization, wide variety and small quantity.  Yet, we have completed the task successfully, due to the converted effort from our project related colleagues and outside collaborating organizations. Subsequently, we will further upgrade and improve the digitized workshop, and gradually promote to the whole company.  INI Hydraulic is determined to walk the path of digitization, and to transform to be a Future Factory.

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Post time: Feb-23-2022