Announcement of Zhejiang Made Certificate Standard About Integrated Hydraulic Winch

Hereby, we are honored to inform that the Zhejiang Made Certificate Standard about Integrated Hydraulic Winch,T/ZZB2064-2021, which is mainly drafted by our company, has been published and put into execution since March 1, 2021.  "ZHEJIANG MADE" represents the advanced regional brand image of Zhejiang manufacturing industry.  The successful publishing of this standard indicates that we are making another big progress on contributing the development of Industry Standard.  It also represents that INI Hydraulic is being a benchmarking enterprise nationally, and it’s an encouraging recognition to our long-term endeavor and every our employee’s persistence in quality.  It shows a deep respect to craftsmanship spirit.

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Because of lacking unified industry standard,  the quality of integrated hydraulic winches in the market had been irregular for a long time.  In order to promote a positive and orderly competition environment, INI Hydraulic advocated and initiated to draft the Zhejiang Made Certificate Standard of Integrated Hydraulic Winch, which perfects and confirms a full live span management of integrated hydraulic winch products, from raw material purchase, manufacturing procedure to delivery inspection and after-sales service.

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As a highly integrated manufacturing enterprise, INI Hydraulic designs, produces, sales hydraulic products and offers direct after-sales service to clients.  We are a beneficiary by strictly following industry standard both internationally and nationally.  As an innovator in hydraulic machinery field, we are also a contributor to national industry standard.  Our present success depends on a long-term self-discipline on implementing industry standard guidance and technical innovation.  INI Hydraulic has been participated to draft and amend 6 national and industrial standards, and possesses 47 valid national patents.

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We see the publishing of T/ZZB2064-2021 Integrated Hydraulic Winch Industry Standard as a new opportunity and a starting point to keep improving our product quality.  INI Hydraulic will persevere in the core values of integrity, innovation, quality and excellence.  Standing on the platform of ZHEJIANG MADE, we are committed to becoming internationally compatible, and create more value for your clients globally.

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Post time: May-12-2021