INI Hydraulic Recovering Production from Novel Coronavirus on February 12,2020

Through a comprehensive and careful preparation of Prevention and Control Against Novel Coronavirus, we prove to be able to recover our production under the instruction and inspection of Ningbo government, on February 12, 2020.  Right now, our production capacity has recovered up to 89% compared to normal condition.  Our production department has been working extra effort to compensate for the delay by the Novel Coronavirus.  

The newly technique advancement of our intelligent manufacturing automation digital workshop, which costs $6.6million, is proceeding smoothly.  The new year investment of a total value of $10.7million is on good progress too.  We thank our employees for their full effort on battling the Novel Coronavirus with the company together.  We thank our customers for their trust to let us keep fulfilling our commitment to delivering quality products.

INIHydraulic workshop 2



Post time: Feb-15-2020