How to Maintain Your Hydraulic Winches?

Knowing how to maintain hydraulic winches when they are needed can help improve the performance and reduce unnecessary problems of your machines.  Here we are glad to share our engineers’ good advices with you.

Tips 1: Strictly Control Cooling System

The pressure of the cooling water has to be controlled strictly.  Otherwise, the high chance of rupturing cooper pipe by increasing pressure can interrupt your operation badly because of mingling oil and water in the system. 

Tips 2: Daily Critical Observation 

Since subtle defects in the system are not obvious as other machineries, if one element performs anomalously, under different circumstances, the symptom of the system can be very different.  By this moment, the task of discerning problems can be more difficult than usual.  Therefore, forming a good habit of diligently checking and recording the parameters of the system, such as the changes of OIL LEVEL, TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE, NOISE, can help diagnose systematic flaws. 

Tips 3: Routinely System Maintaining 

-Clean internal hydraulic parts regularly  
-Use required brands of hydraulic oil (the combination of different brands of oil or grease is not allowed)
-Adopt clean grease 
-Hydraulic oil has to be checked regularly
-Fine filter has to be cleaned every six months or replaced with a new filter element.  To reduce the chance of systematic defects, the filter must be cleaned before renewing the oil. 

Tips 4:  Acquiring Knowledge of the Function of You Equipment

Apply the document of anti-explosive hydraulic winches to your daily maintenance.  The capability of analyzing and interpreting the reason of defects theoretically enables you to discern problems and find out solutions efficiently.  

Tips 5:  Familiarizing With Real Parts According to Hydraulic Schematic Diagram 

Since no indication of the location of real parts on the hydraulic winch systematic diagram, maintenance people have to familiarize themselves with hydraulic schematic diagram, and notice the installing location of every hydraulic element to deal with defects and ensure safe operation. 

Daily maintenance is critical to avoid defects.  The task of maintaining and repairing hydraulic winches requires specific skills of maintaining people.  Following aforementioned tips of HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR HYDRAULIC WINCHES will help you keep your equipment in good conditions, and detect and resolve problems efficiently when you have to.  

Post time: Apr-10-2020