ny Facilities

Innovation and precision are always what we pursue. We are committed to delivering our standard hydraulic products and satisfying customers’ specific needs to realize their desired engineering solutions. This commitment always inspires us to keep looking for new and more advanced methods to improve our production facilities and measuring instruments.  We warmly welcome your visit.  

DMG nitodika-nijoro Composite Machine Fitaovana
DMG marindrano Machining Center
HighPrecision Grinder
Company fametrahana mazava Atrikasa
Motor fivoriana atrikasa
Soisa nafarana cylindrical grinder
Mazak nihodina ka fikosoham-bary fitaovana milina
Flag mirefy telo-milina
Isa milina fanaraha-maso
INI Hydraulic Workshop
Robot Workshop
Hydraulic Transmission and Slewing Device Testbed