INI Hydraulic specializes in designing and manufacturing hydraulic winches, hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes for more than twenty years. We are one of the leading Construction Machinery Accessory Suppliers in Asia.  Over two decades, driven by the commitment of always innovating for satisfying customers’ needs, we have developed a wide range of products line based on our self-developed technologies.  The wide spectrum of products, but each correlating intimately, contains hydraulic and electric winches, planetary gearboxes, slewing drives, transmission drives, hydraulic motors, pumps and hydraulic systems.  Especially, due to our winches integrated with the advanced clutch and brake systems, which we have been continuously innovating for 23 years, we ensure the outstanding performance of our winches under complex and extreme working circumstances.  The reliability of our products has been proven strongly in diverse applications, including not limiting industrial machinery, construction machinery, ship & deck machinery, off-shore equipment, mining and metallurgical machinery.

Besides, our products quality has been approved by multiple worldwide renowned certificate bodies.  The certifications, which our products have obtained, include EC-Type Examination Certificate,  BV  MODE, DNV GL Certificate, EC Attestation of Conformity, Certificate of Type Approval for Marine Product and  Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.  So far, besides china, our domestic market, we have widely exported our products to 11 counties, including Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, Russia, Turkey, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, India and Iran.  Our logistics and after sales services cover around the whole world promptly and reliably for our customers’ utmost interests.  Powering your successes always inspires us to be and become a better ourself.